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14 day challenge


We help busy moms burn fat, ⬆️ energy & look better💃 than before 👶 w/o spending hrs in a gym🏋️‍♀️

Ready to jump start the New Year with a plan and support to finally get you results?!

- Torch Body Fat

- Increase Energy

- Tone up

- Build lean muscle

We've had quite a few people asking us to run a challenge in the New Year for some extra motivation and to help you get back on track over the holidays so that's exactly what we're going to do!

We're excited to announce we're going to host a 14 day challenge coming up in Jan. Let's go over the details.

This is 100% online, so you can join us no matter where you are

This is for women Only

We focus primarily on body weight exercise so you don't need a gym to join

We'll design the workouts, you follow them at your own pace, at whatever time is best for you

Workouts are 30 mins, which include mobility sessions after each workout

You'll have full access to our workout app which includes reminders for workouts, hydration, etc.

We have a video library for any exercises you need help understanding

Customized meal plans, specific to your body weight so you know Exactly how much to eat (i.e. portion sizes specific for you)

Which means we'll count calories for you so we know exactly what range you need to be in to see results

2 live group coaching calls

Given the amount of support we offer, we can only take 17 participants. We found this to be our sweet spot for optimal results.

We have an application process so we can find the most serious people out there that want to see amazing results! We're looking for those interested in jumping in with two feet to see the Most Results Possible.

We'll be awarding partial scholarships to full MAP program access to 2 participants that see the Most results!

One will be for 6 months, and the other will be an entire year!!!

14 Day Challenge investment $119.97


We are in the business of transforming lives forever. We walk beside you on the pathway of wellness, to a happier and healthier lifestyle. As your guides, we teach you how to live your life with purpose, confidence and as your true self. Our time tested and proven meal plans, workouts, products, and programs help you to create positive and lasting lifelong changes. We will transform your life forever.